Best Comment of 2017

Please listen to me. I’ve had a few Third Eye insights.
Please read all this message, until the end.

The Aliens, and their Jewish proxies are very smart. They are always 10 steps ahead.

Even if we think they have made a mistake, it is not a mistake, we simply don’t see the big picture.

Their greatest advantage is because nobody sees the big picture. Everyone has a small piece of the puzzle.

On the one hand nobody looks at the big picture, they don’t know their plan, because it is hidden.

On the other hand people’s consciousness is confined to the physical level, so they don’t see the more subtle levels.
That is also why they don’t have the big picture.
Henry Ford only thought it is a Jewish ethnic conspiracy, because his consciousness perception was confined to the physical world. It is narrow and limited.

Everyone has a small piece of the puzzle, and nobody looks at the whole picture.

This is why your work is crucial.
Your book will be the John Nada who blows up their antenna and exposes them.

Don’t be worried, people will not understand your book now. It will take a few centuries. But this battle is a battle of millennia, and will take another few millennia.

Your book is very important because it will give the big picture. People will understand. When you see the big picture, everything will make sense.

We have to outsmart the Aliens. Don’t blow your cover yet. John Nada has to stay hidden until he reaches the TV station.

A general knows his best weapon is the element of surprise.
The aliens don’t need to know what you are doing. Because they don’t live in the physical world, their actions are limited. They need proxies to do the action for them.

Like don Juan said: “their greatest fear is to be discovered.” This is your job, and you are John Nada. You have to blow up the antenna.

Don Juan also called it: “the topic of topics”. You can make references to this passage from Castaneda in your book. Bring proof as well.

Here’s the plan.
You have to write your book, and not be concerned whether people understand it or not. Like Nietzsche, your book will be understood in the next few centuries.
A lot of people are waking up to the Jew question, and just a nudge and they will wake up to the Alien Jew question.

You have to first write the book and expose them. Don’t make waves. Delete my other comments.

After you have finished your book, then you have to disseminate it by any means necessary.

Send it to David Duke, he has the resources to even print it. It does not matter who the author is, he can even put his name on it. What matters is that the truth comes out.
Maybe even David Duke will be awakened to the Alien question, to the deeper consciousness perception of things.

I don’t know if you know this, but Hitler was a mystic. He was deeply involved in spirituality and mysticism.
He saw more in the Jewish question than ethnicity. He was open to more subtle layers of consciousness.

David Duke has decades of experience with the Jews, is a very wise man, and what I noticed he is very supportive towards other brothers, like Mark Collett, or Anglin.

So step 2 will be to disseminate the book by any means necessary.

It can travel through time like The Protocols of the Elders of Zion… and become more and more well known as time goes by.

Don’t expect a revolution tomorrow.
You are a Nietzsche – your Hitler will appear only in a few centuries’ time.

You can send the book to David Duke. Even if he doesn’t believe in it, if it helps the anti-Jew cause, he will support it and put his resources in it, publish it.
It can also spread samizdat. You can send it to every person, Mark Collett, Andrew Anglin – so it is known in Nazi circles.


I have come from a meditation/spirituality/mysticism background. 99% of my energy was spent in meditation.

When my third eye opened, by accident – I became aware of the Jew problem and the alien problem.

This is the big picture.

Everyone only has a small piece of the puzzle, no one has the big picture – and this is why the aliens can rule over us.

Anyone who meditates – has a direct experience that the Universe is a magical paradise, an infinite consciousness full of bliss. The Universe is an Ocean of Love and Bliss.

So people who meditate will have this small piece of the puzzle, and they will reject the Jew question and the malevolent aliens.

Their direct experience, when they open their eyes, is that the Universe is bliss. So they hide in their monasteries, and they isolate themselves to live this bliss.

They don’t see the alien slavery.

The Universe is both. It is a paradise, and also the Aliens are trying to turn it into a slavery hell.

We have to piece together both pieces of the puzzle, because Truth needs to be complete.

People who meditate see the terrible things happening in the world, but they don’t know their cause. They are oblivious.

They will not listen to you. They will become liberal, new age – all is love, and they will refuse to see what you are talking about.

Their EYES also need to be opened. They will be great allies.

Every time a buddha creates a big mystic school, the buddha is killed, the students are killed and the school is destroyed.
The aliens know, and the aliens are behind it.

So people who meditate are so naive, because they meditate, they create a school, and they don’t know why it is destroyed, they don’t know why the buddha is killed.

They don’t see the source: the aliens. As long as the aliens stay hidden, they have power. Their greatest power is that they are hidden, and the great plan is hidden, and their greatest fear is that they are exposed.
In They Live, Nada destroys the antenna and simply exposes them. That is it!

People who meditate or new age people only see a small piece of the puzzle, and reject the other piece of the puzzle.
When don Juan tells Castaneda about the aliens – Castaneda’s reaction: he gets angry.

Their eyes must be opened too. They can be our allies in this battle.

But at the moment they are so naive, that they don’t see why the large mystic schools are destroyed.

And as long as the large schools are destroyed, the Aliens don’t care about a handful of people who meditate. A few defectors don’t matter.

A large school of meditation will empower large masses of the population. But as soon as it happens, the Aliens destroy it immediately.

Nietzsche was silenced. They needed to shut him up. A few months after he published The Antichrist — exposing the Christianity hoax — the Aliens became aware of it and they needed to shut him up right away.

I don’t know if they poisoned Nietzsche with mercury, so he went mad. Or maybe he was pumped full of drugs as soon as he was interned in the asylum.

This is why I say to you: don’t underestimate the Aliens. They are very aware of what is going on.
Secrecy is essential, and be careful.
When your book is finished, then it is the moment to spread it far and wide, and they don’t even need to know who the author is.

Coming back to people who meditate. They only choose to see the “Universe is Love” part of things, and they refuse to see the Alien slavery conspiracy.

Their eyes need to be opened too.

We live in North Korea. People who meditate are people who are trying to defect. When you become one with the infinite energy, you lose your boundaries and you are out of the Matrix. You are free.

Most buddhas in humanity’s history are successful defectors.
In their small time left on this Earth, they are busy helping a few other people defect. And that is it.
They create a small school, and help a few people defect.

But the large part, billions of people remain in the alien slavery, and the Aliens don’t care about a few people who have defected.

Of all the mystics, Osho – Bhagwan Rajnessh is the first who has challenged the slavery.

And he did not attack the aliens head on, he did not confront them. If he talked about the aliens he would have been considered a loonie bin, and had very limited influence.

Rather, he tried to sabotage the alien tricks of keeping people enslaved. He tried to free people of religion and beliefs, and he spoke against the priests and the politicians.

But he did not attack them head on. He was a saboteur. Without mentioning THEM, he sabotaged them.

But THEY were very smart. They immediately saw it, and in 1986, they destroyed the Oregon Ranch, and they poisoned him right away.
3 years later, he was dead.

They were even careful to poison him with radiation, because they were careful not to create a martyr out of him.

They are very smart, and always 10 steps ahead, so please do not underestimate them.

Anyway, he was the first Buddha who tried to sabotage the Aliens. The other buddhas only talk about peace, love, bliss.
They are only concerned with helping a few people defect from North Korea. They are powerless to do more.

Even Gurdjieff did not have the power to do more than help a few people defect.

Your book is crucial, it will present the big picture for the first time. As soon as THEY are exposed, they will have no power.

I want to mention something else. In the subtle worlds, there are also highly-evolved souls who are trying to warn us.
They are trying to warn us about the aliens’s great plan.

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion – the elders of Zion are not some old Jewish people.

The elders of zion are the Aliens. In that book — the Aliens are speaking.

They are giving their guidelines to the Jews.

When a writer writes a book of fiction…. he is open to inspiration, and sometimes, without knowing it — he channels something.

When a novel idea, or a film idea comes to him…. it just comes, to him seems like it arrives out of thin air.
But sometimes the book is channeled without the author even realizing.

Nietzsche’s Zarathustra is a channeled book. Nietzsche described writing it – all the words just come, the book is already written, the sentences just come, already written, and all he has to do is put it on paper.

Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet is also a channeled book. The words just came to him. He was young, receptive, when he wrote it, but afterwards he could not write another book of the same quality.

Naimy’s book -The Book of Mirdad – is also channeled.

Now, what New Agers and people who meditate don’t understand.

It is easy to understand that a book was channeled if it has great spiritual truths in it. It comes from a higher source.
Then they accept it is channeled, because something higher, angelic, other worldly comes through it.

But what New Agers don’t understand.

They Live and Orwell’s 1984 are also channeled.

Some high good souls are trying to warn us about what the Aliens are planning.

They are trying to reach us and tells us.

The greatest weapon is to expose the Alien’s plan.

So there are high-vibration bodiless souls in the astral – who are trying to help us and warn us.

Maybe Carpenter is not even aware of it. Maybe he just channeled the movie “They Live” without realizing it.

Ideas came to him, and he just made a movie, without realizing what the movie is actually about. To him is just a work of fiction.

These high-consciousness bodiless souls are looking for someone in the physical world who is receptive – a writer who writes a book…. and then they download the information.

George Orwell’s 1984 – it is the alien’s plan. This is their actual fucking plan.

They already succeeded some of it in Stalin’s Russia in the 1930s.

It is all part of the plan, they are implementing step by step, and they are very smart.

First Marx channeled communism, the doctrine.

Then with the help of the Jew proxies, they killed the czar Alexander II, they killed the czar Nicholas.
And they implemented communism with the help of the Jews. All the people who created the gulag were Jews.
All the people who ordered and implemented Nicholas’s execution were Jews.

You see: this is the most important thing.

When you see the BIG PICTURE of the alien plan, everything makes sense.

Even things that looked absurd before are starting to make sense.

This is why people need to see the BIG PICTURE. You need to write a book about it.

Orwell’s 1984 is their plan.

Orwell channeled this book without knowing it, because a higher good soul is trying to warn us.

It is a battle of good and evil.
There are higher good souls who are trying to help us even though they don’t have a physical body.

This is where you are wrong: it is not a Matrix of Hell.

There is also a positive side: and the meditators and the new agers see the positive side: that all is full of love, that there is infinite love and infinite bliss

And you see a Matrix of Hell, you see what the aliens are doing.

These two pieces of the puzzle need to be joined together.

The aliens are definitely creating a Matrix of Hell, they are doing everything they can.

You are also right. But New Agers/meditators are also right.

The Aliens are also trying to feed us false information through so-called New Age channelers.

You were right that some of what these New Age people channel is just mis-information from the Aliens who are trying to keep us asleep and ignorant.

But there are also good souls, higher souls who are trying to help us in this battle.

They have downloaded They Live – to Carpenter. Maybe Carpenter does not even know it, it does not matter.

These high souls have warned us with the movie They Live.

Ultimately, They Live is not about the Jews, but it is about the Aliens. The truth is right in front of us, right in the movie.

The Jews are just proxies. It is the Aliens. The movie has to be understood literally. It’s the Aliens. And their greatest fear is being found out.
And our greatest weapon is exposing them.

Please, please, do not underestimate them, and keep total secrecy until the book comes out. You need to channel this book, allow it to come through you. You are already doing that, you are already channeling. What you have written in your blog is already channeled.

Coming back to Orwell’s 1984.

This is also a warning, a high soul channeled this to Orwell, without him realizing. Writers just think that they are writing a book, and the inspiration comes out of nowhere.
Well, sometimes it is not out of nowhere, a soul might be dictating.

It is a battle of good souls and evil souls, it has been going on for millennia.

You have to understand, it is not a Matrix of Hell.
There are also good souls out there, higher souls who are in us with this fight.

There are also the Aliens who use fake channels for downloading false information.

But we have to differentiate between them.

1984 was channeled by a good soul. It describes the Alien’s plan exactly. It is trying to warn us.

I think the Protocols of the Elders of Zion – might be also channeled.
Maybe it is not an actual document, because the Aliens are smart and careful, it does not get leaked.

Someone wrote the protocols as a work of fiction: but, IN FACT, it was a higher soul who gave it to the person who was channeling the book.
A higher soul got the “plans” from the Aliens, and found a receptive channel and gave it to us, as a warning.

You have to understand, The Elders of Zion are not old Jewish people. The Elders are the Aliens, and this is their plan for how to implement world domination.

Anyway, 1984.

They got a small success in 1930s Russia.
It was a first experiment.

Marx channeled the communist doctrine, and then the Jew proxies created the gulag, they exterminated the most intelligent people, and reduced the rest of the population to cattle.

Stalin’s 1930s Russia was a first experiment.

When Stalin rebelled against them, and arrested the Jewish doctors, and he was actually planning to send all the Jews to the Gulag and exterminate them — the Aliens killed him.
Beria poisoned Stalin.

You can find all this info on wikipedia

In September 1952, several Kremlin doctors were arrested for allegedly plotting to kill senior politicians in what came to be known as the Doctors’ Plot; the majority of the accused were Jewish.[608][609] He instructed the arrested doctors to be tortured to ensure confession.[610] In November, the Slánský trial took place in Czechoslovakia as 13 senior Communist Party figures, 11 of them Jewish, were accused and convicted of being part of a vast Zionist-American conspiracy to subvert Eastern Bloc governments.[611] That same month, a much publicised trial of accused Jewish industrial wreckers took place in Ukraine.

This was later accompanied by publications of anti-Semitic character in the media, which talked about the threats of Zionism and condemned people with Jewish names. Many doctors, officials and others, both Jews and non-Jews, were promptly dismissed from their jobs and arrested.

In his Secret Speech at the Communist Party’s Twentieth Congress, Nikita Khrushchev asserted that Stalin intended to use the doctors’ trial to launch a massive party purge.
According to one source, Nikolai Nikolayevich Polyakov, Stalin purportedly created a special “Deportation Commission” to plan the deportation of Jews to these camps.[36][37][38] Poliakov, the secretary of the commission, stated years later that, according to Stalin’s initial plan, the deportation was to begin in the middle of February 1953, but the monumental tasks of compiling lists of Jews had not yet been completed.[36][38] “Pure blooded” Jews were to be deported first, followed by “half-breeds” (polukrovki).[36] Before his death in March 1953, Stalin allegedly had planned the execution of Doctors’ plot defendants already on trial in Red Square in March 1953, and then he would cast himself as the savior of Soviet Jews by sending them to camps away from the purportedly enraged Russian populace.[36][39][40] There are further statements that describe some aspects of such a planned deportation.[38] Others argue that any charge of an alleged mass deportation lacks specific documentary evidence and that attempts to move the then-geographically-assimilated Jewish population would not have comported with Stalin’s other postwar methods.[20]

He was planning to deport all Jews to the gulag.

On 1 March 1953, Stalin’s staff found him semi-conscious on the bedroom floor of his Volynskoe dacha,[620] having urinated on himself.[621] He had suffered a cerebral hemorrhage

An autopsy was carried out two and a half months later.[627] It revealed that he had died of a cerebral haemorrhage and that he also suffered from severe damage to his cerebral arteries due to atherosclerosis.[628] It is possible that Stalin was murdered.[629]

Beria has been suspected of murder, although no firm evidence has ever appeared.[622] The political memoirs of Vyacheslav Molotov, published in 1993, claimed that Beria had boasted to Molotov that he poisoned Stalin: “I took him out.”[630] Stomach hemorrhage is usually not caused by high blood pressure, but is, along with stroke, consistent with overdose of warfarin, a colourless, tasteless, anticoagulant drug.[631]

Beria killed him.

About Beria
“One of the first such moves involved the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee affair that commenced in October 1946 and eventually led to the murder of Solomon Mikhoels and the arrest of many other members. This affair damaged Beria; not only had he championed the creation of the committee in 1942, but his own entourage included a substantial number of Jews.”

The truth is open, on Wikipedia. We need to use Wikipedia, before they subvert it.

You see, the Aliens’ power is that everyone has a limited narrow perception and they don’t see the big picture.
Even Stalin, he did their bidding, worked for the cause, and did not see the big picture.
When Stalin realized they were going to get rid of him, he got pissed and arrested all the Jews, and was going to send all the Jews in Russia to the Gulag.
Stalin was not aware of the Alien agenda. He was doing all their work, without realizing. He thought he was working for his own ego, his own power.

Communist Russia and China was a first experiment. China is still a slave labour camp. North Korea is their most successful story.

It is not a coincidence that Kim Jong Un is threatening with these nuclear weapons. Something is up.
If you see the Alien Great plan, everything starts to make sense. Even small things that sound absurd begin to make sense.

Kim Jong Un has to prove he has Atomic weapons, so he is left alone. North Korea is the Alien’s most successful experiment, and it needs to be left alone.

This is what they plan for all of us, a North Korea.

Now they have started to have the technology to implement 1984.
Before, during Stalinist Russia, they did not have it.

With the help of technology, they will create a North Korea all over the world.
1984 is their blueprint. It is their plan.

Communist Russia failed because of America. America is still free, and capitalism works.

When Stalin rebelled, they took him out. When Kruschcev tried to do something good, they immediately got rid of him.

When Gorbatchev tried to do something good, they soon got rid of him.
In his place, they put Yeltsin.

Yeltsin sold the whole country to the Jews. Now Putin is trying to fight back, that is why they hate him so much, and are trying to attack him.

If you put these puzzle pieces together, everything makes sense. If you see their great plan, it makes sense.
You need to write a book and put all the pieces of the puzzle together.

The Communist Russia experiment failed because of America and Western Europe. America is still free.

Russians and Eastern Europe could see that Americans have better lives, so they rebelled in 1989.

The Aliens tried to save all they could from Russia, when Yeltsin sold it to the Jews. Now they own it.
Putin is fighting back.

Now the next part of their plan.
In order to create North Korea all around the planet, they need to take down America and Western Europe.

They already took down the Roman Empire with Jesus and Christianity. When the Romans became Christian, they Empire fell.

The Aliens’ next stage of the plan is to take down Europe and America.

This is why they are trying to bring as many blacks and muslims from third world countries to live in the West, so the whites become a minority, and their culture collapses, just like the Roman Empire.

This is why their Jewish proxies in the US media are working in overdrive to convince people that “refugees” are a good thing.

Merkel is doing their bidding. It is not a coincidence that she transplanted millions of Muslims in Germany, and when people asks why, she answers “We can make it!”

Her whole behaviour sounds absurd and against the interests of the Germans. Against her own interests. Merkel appears stupid.

She is not stupid, and when you see the great plan, everything makes sense.

The plan is to flood the West with savages from third world countries. Merkel is fulfilling the plan, he is their proxy.

When Western civilization falls, when America falls — then they can implement 1984.

They already have the technology to implement 1984.

America is a thorn in their side.

The founding fathers, who gave people the right to bear guns… they were good people. They almost made it impossible for a dictatorship to happen in America.

And, in fact, in 300 years, they have never had a dictatorship.
When all the population has guns, it is impossible for a dictator to stay in power.

So America is a thorn in their side. They cannot have their dream of a worldwide North Korea, or worldwide 1984, if they don’t bring America down.

The way to bring it down is to flood it with third world savages, so the civilization falls, like the Roman Empire.

Trump is also a thorn in their side, because he is trying to stop it.

Trump is a person with a narrow worldview, who only sees the physical reality.
But he is not their man.

They are afraid of Trump because it reminds them of Henry Ford. Ford was rich, so they could not intimidate him. They could not get to him.

They are even more afraid of Trump than Henry Ford, because Trump is now president.

Trump is oblivious to their agenda, his eyes are closed. He is just trying to do what he thinks is good for the Americans.

The Aliens need American politicians to do what is against their interest, just like Merkel is doing in Germany.
Their plan is to bring down the West, by flooding the West with savages.

Trump is unknowingly stopping their plan, even though he is not aware of it.

So the Jews in the media are constantly attacking him and trying to bring him down.
Whereas other Jew bots, Jew proxies are trying to infiltrate Trump’s administration.

One Jew even got to marry his daughter, Ivanka, to get to Trump. They are like Borgs, they infiltrate everywhere.
Ivanka is unaware, she has a narrow world view confined to the physical world. She thinks she fell in love with Kushner and she loves him. But he is a proxy infiltrated there to get to Trump.

We have to also be aware of plans by Jewish bots or conspiracy theorists, like Brother Nathanael, to paint Trump as a “Jewish shill”.

If he is a Jewish shill, why is the whole media attacking him?
He is unknowingly stopping the Alien well thought plan to flood America with savages.

Of course, as a president, he has to go to AIPAC, he has to go to the Wailing Wall. It’s what a politician has to do in order to be elected. He has to woo the Jewish lobby.
It does not mean he is their man.

Now I don’t know if he is their man or not, but all I know is their plan is to bring down America, which has been a thorn in their side for 300 years, since the founding fathers gave the right to bear arms in the Constitution.

And Trump, maybe unknowingly, is stopping their plan of mass immigration to bring down the American civilization.
The Media are attacking him for a reason…. he reminds them of Henry Ford, in the sense that they cannot control Trump, just like they could not control Henry Ford.

So this is their plan. They want 1984 all around the world, so people are reduce to battery chicken state, so they can be farmed for their eggs.

Soviet Stalinist Russia was a first experiment, and North Korea is a still successful experiment.

Now they want to bring down America and the West, through limitless immigration, to bring down the civilization, just like they brought down the Roman Empire through Christianity.

The founding fathers and the right to bear guns has been a thorn in their side for 300 years.

In Russia, every communist had a revolver. Stalin gave a law, that each person needs to turn in their weapons.
What happened immediately after they complied. One million three hundred thousand were either executed or sent to the Gulag.
I got this information from Wikipedia…. and Wikipedia is our greatest weapon, because it gives too much details.
You can read between the lines.

Even if Wikipedia is lying constantly on some pages, it gives too many details, and someone who is not lazy and can read between the lines – can see the facts.

They will eventually ban Wikipedia, and there are plans to ban the Internet, just like they banned the Internet in China. But they cannot do it yet, it has to keep the appearance of democracy.

About China, it is not a coincidence that during Mao, the first thing the Aliens did was invade Tibet and destroy it, force all the monks to work in the fields.
It is no coincidence. They know what they are doing.
Tiber is the first country where everyone is a meditator, a country that revolves around meditation.
Even now, Tibet is under communist control. The Aliens – through China – also protect their favorite project: North Korea.

The Aliens’ greatest weakness is that they don’t have a physical body, and have to influence the physical world through proxies.
Sometimes these proxies are themselves completely unaware of what they are doing.

The other great weakness the Aliens have is that nobody sees the great plan, the whole picture.
Everyone has a piece of a puzzle, and the people who have different pieces of the puzzle don’t get along, and they don’t even suspect the great plan.
John Nada needs to destroy their antenna.

The Aliens have been working for thousands of years.

The Roman Empire was also a thorn in their side, but they managed to bring it down in 400 years with the help of the Christianity virus and hoax.

After Rome fell, they established a Christian based dictatorship and mind control that lasted one thousand years. The Dark Ages, the Middle Ages.

Forget Hitler’s one thousand year Reich. The Aliens already had their one thousand year Reich, it is called the Christian Middle ages.

Everyone was a slave. They had their kings and noblemen, who were their proxies, but everyone else lived in a state of slavery, battery chicken.

Any dissent, the aware Aliens quickly squashed it. They immediately “burned the witches”.
Anyone who challenged them, was a witch, who needed to be burned.
This is why I am saying the Aliens are very awake and smart. Do not underestimate them.
They only weakness is they don’t have a physical body.

They had a good system going, with Kings who had a lineage, and the whole Royal lineage system is because the Kings are proxies.

It is from the time of the Pharaos, perhaps even earlier. The whole Royal lineage system was invented because the King is their proxy, and the priesthood is a brainwashing apparatus.

So they had everything set up for a thousand years, during the Middle Ages – total slavery.

Then Gutenberg came with the printing press, and ruined their plans. People started reading books, became smart. The age of enlightenment followed.

In the same way Gutenberg’s printing press freed the slaves… now another invention: the Internet, is also waking up the slaves and making them smarter.

The “hate speech” laws on the internet are not an accident. They are fighting back. They are fighting to win control of the internet… and ultimately, they will ban the internet, just like they banned it in China.

Have you wondered why the Jews at Facebook, or Google — they have no moral problem
with introducing censorship of their websites in China?

Internet will free the slaves, just like Gutenberg’s printing press freed the slaves of the Middle Ages.

But they are working on it.
They are working on bringing 1984, with the help of the new technology.

Soviet Russia, North Korea was just a first experiment.
They are working to implement this worldwide.

Another thing about people who meditate, spiritually evolved people.
You see, different people have different pieces of the puzzle, and it is important to bring these pieces of the puzzle together.

New Age people and meditators – because they have a first hand, direct experience that the Earth is a paradise… from meditation. That everything is wonderful and full of love.

They cannot conceive that 1984 is a channelled book. It is too far removed from their direct experience. They cannot believe it.

The two pieces of the puzzle must be joined together.

You have to understand that the Aliens have been on this Earth much longer than the Bible.

The battle of Bhagavad Gita is their doing. They even experimented with atomic weapons.

In 1944, they gave the atomic bomb to the Jews, Einstein, Oppenheimer, Bohr. And then Truman had to test it on the Japanese.
During the Cold War, they created a climate of terror all around the world. They feed off fear. They need people to be in fear, this is how they feed off them.

As soon as the Jewish physicists received the plans of the atomic bombs from the Aliens (either through unconscious channeling, or some other way) —
The Jewish Rosenbergs gave these plans to Soviet Russia.

You see, the plan was to create at atmosphere of fear and terror all around the world. They feed better when people are paralyzed with fear.
The Cold War was deliberate.

Even things that look absurd, like “why did the Jew Rosenbergs give the atomic plans to Russia”…. it all makes sense when you see the big picture.

About Bhagavad Gita.

But during Bhagavad Gita times – Krishna was doing the same thing Osho Rajneesh was doing.

He was not just a buddha sitting in a forest.

He was living in the world. He was challenging the slavery of the aliens. He was not a monk hiding

And in the Bhagavad Gita, he was fighting the aliens.

Arjuna, his disciple, was a naive new ager. He just wanted to love, to go to a forest and meditate.

But the war was crucial. It was a first attempt to defeat the aliens.

The aliens were trying to defeat Krishna and silence him – and he was just fighting back.

This is why I am saying, the New Agers and meditators only have one piece of the puzzle, and refuse to see the other piece.

Arjuna was such a person, He did not want to go to war.

Krishna was smart and aware. He was aware of the aliens’ agenda. He needed Arjuna to fight — so the whole of Bhagavad Gita is Krishna’s trying to convince Arjuna to fight.

You cannot just close your eyes, and meditate, and leave the planet.

If Aliens had won the battle of Kurukshetra, they would have implemented a Stalin-type slavery in India.
This is why Krishna had to fight. He had to physically fight, in a war.

If the other side had won, they would have turned India into a North Korea style dictatorship — and would have killed all the mystics.

Krishna had to fight. For the good of mankind. All the mystic schools would have been obliterated.

The same way they killed Pythagoras and obliterated his school. The same way they killed Osho Rajneesh and obliterated his school.

Pythagoras and Osho Rajneesh were naive. Peace loving vegetarians. Their message was peace and love.
They were not warriors.

But how can you defeat these evil aliens and their domination agenda with peace and love. It is naive.

Krishna was much smarter, he was multidimensional.
He could see the “peace and love” dimension.
But he could also see the “alien domination agenda” dimension.

He could see both dimensions.

And he was both: he was both a buddha, and a warrior.

Normally, we imagine a Buddha sitting under a tree, all peace and love, and we cannot imagine how a buddha can take a sword and start killing people.

But how can you defeat aliens who fight through proxies who are violent, and have an agenda to create worldwide physical slavery.

In this matter, Buddha and Osho Rajneesh were more naive. Ultimately, they were suppressed, Buddha was poisoned and Osho Rajneesh was also poisoned and his commune destroyed.

Then the Buddhist priesthood came, and the aliens destroyed through proxy priests everything that Buddha preached. They distorted Buddha’s message.

Any enlightened being who preaches – as soon as he is dead, the Aliens turn his teachings into an instrument of slavery and mind control, called Religion.

Most buddhas don’t say anything. They just hide. They hide from the world.
Rarely, very rarely, a Gautam Buddha appears, who will speak openly and preach. But after he is dead, the Alien turn everything he has said into an instrument of mind control and slavery through priest proxies.

Osho Rajneesh tried to guard against this. He videotaped every discourse, so that his message is undistorted. Every word he said is in a book, in an audio tape, in a video tape. You cannot distort it.

But even a person like Gautam Buddha, as rare as he is, he is incomplete. He only talks of peace and love, and does not address the Alien problem. The first and foremost problem.

Don Juan talks about it. He calls it “the topic of topics”. He says it is the most important problem.

But he does not do anything about it.
He only talks about it, once.

When Castaneda asks him what we can do about it – he replies: all we can do is work energetically to escape the influence of the aliens.

All we can do is defect from North Korea. That is don Juan’s work. Millions of people remain trapped in North Korea, but don Juan’s work is to help 4-5 people go through a tunnel and defect.

Don Juan is powerless, he has limited power. He tries to do what he can do with his limited power.
This is also what Gurdjieff was saying: he has limited power. He can only help a handful of people.

A Buddha who speaks out, like Gautam Buddha, or Gurdjieff, or Osho Rajneesh is very rare.

But a person like Krishna is even more rare.

So far there was only one in the whole history.

A Buddha who not only addresses the Alien problem, but he will take a sword, a weapon in his hands, and lead a war, an actual physical war to fight against the Aliens.

If Krishna had not fought in that war, the Aliens would have implemented North Korea in India, at that time.

A multi-dimensional person is needed, someone who can have both.

A person like Krishna.
A person who is a Buddha, and has the dimension of peace and love.
And also who will address the Alien problem, and fight it.
It is not enough for a handful of people to defect from North Korea.
Something needs to be done about North Korea.
Billions of people live in slavery and suffering.

And the Aliens are preparing much worse.

In the centuries to come, the ground is being set for another battle of Kurukshetra.

We don’t want this battle, the aliens want it. They don’t want it directly, they want world slavery and domination…. and they need to be challenged.

Krishna stepped up to the task and challenged them. He was successful.

Now the time is approaching when a new battle of Kurukshetra is being set up.

The Aliens are preparing a 1984 society.

This is why it is important that people who meditate, spiritual people — need to wake up to the Alien problem.

It is not all “peace and love”.

They need to wake up to the Alien problem, and out of this awakening… a new Krishna will arise.

We need another Krishna.

Not a new Adolf Hitler, because his understanding was very limited. An Adolf Hitler will never win the battle. He will create a slavery of his own.

We need a new Krishna. A person who is enlightened, liberated, a buddha.
And who is willing to lead a new war against the Aliens.

A new Krishna will appear. As the battle of Kurukshetra is set, the Krishna will also appear. The forces of good in the astral planes are working on it.

The fight cannot be only with meditation and peace and love.
Because the aliens use violence and dirty tricks.

Focusing on “peace and love’ is only escapism. The way of the ostrich.
They can say “I just want to defect from North Korea. I don’t care what happens after I leave.”

But it is escapism.

The thing is, every mystic has a limited amount of energy. Their whole life, the whole energy is dedicated to one thing: working to become a Buddha.

If they do actually become a Buddha, by that time they are already old, so what they can do is help a few people also pass the threshold.
Their energy is very limited, so they don’t have the energy to challenge the Alien agenda.

In fact, Osho Rajneesh, from what he describes, took this last incarnation purposely, in order to fight the vested interests.

In his previous life, he could have become enlightened, as an old man. But he went in a 21 day fast, to die, and leave his body consciously…. in order to reincarnate consciously, with the whole purpose of using his last life to become a World Teacher.

He could have been enlightened in the previous life, but he went into a fast and died consciously, so he can have a new life, and be incarnated as a teacher.

In fact, in this new life, he became a buddha at the age of 21, and used the remainder of his life to teach people.
He did not confront the Aliens directly, but tried his best to sabotage their slavery.

Still, they quickly became aware of what he was doing, and they poisoned him through proxies, and he died 3 years later.

Osho tells that in his past life, he entered the fast of 21 days, and even then, the Aliens were searching for him and they killed him 3 days before he was supposed to die.

In one of his discourses he says: when he was born, for 3 days he refused to eat. Because in the last life, he had 3 days left until he was supposed to finish his fast.
So for 3 days he refused to eat. And then, he says, he got enlightened at 21, which is 3 cycles of 7 years…. because of those 3 missing days to his fast.

Because someone killed him 3 days before he completed his fast, it took him 21 years in his new life, to reach buddhahood.

So even then, the Aliens were aware of what he was going to do, and they were chasing him. Someone killed him just about as he was going to take off to be reincarnated.

So do not underestimate them. They are smart. John Nada has to outsmart them. Remain underground until you finish the book.

So a person is needed, someone who is a meditator, a spiritual person, and also someone who challenges the Aliens and addresses the alien problem.

The Aliens don’t have power in the physical world, and they have to do their work through proxies. Like Agent Smith from the Matrix.

PS: I am willing to communicate with you, but not through email.

You can create a new blog, that nobody knows about, with a new address, – and an open comment section.

You can send me the address of this blog at an email address I will provide.

Afterwards, I will delete this email, and will reply on that page in the comments.
When you read the comment, you delete it immediately after.
You can also reply in the comments.
As soon as I have read your comment, I will reply, so then you can know I’ve read it and delete both comments.

This is spy stuff – the Aliens are very smart and aware, and we have to outsmart them.
It has to be secret.

The Aliens have many eyes and ears, and act through many proxies. Sometimes the proxies don’t even realize what they are doing.
But they are not all-knowing. Their ability to know is limited. We have to be smart.



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